Monday, August 17, 2009

Augustus Apologia.

Postings for the month of August have been sparse, I know, for two reasons:

1. I have been doing a lot of crap to prepare for leaving for Iraq on Sept 6. These errands and activities have limited the time I usually spend reading and writing on my blog.

2. August is a lazy, lazy month. I'll admit there have been times I have not been engaged in the aforementioned Iraq preparations that I could have posted and did not.

Please don't abandon me, readers, I will return to my usual consistency soon. And when I do, I will also be including reports from Suleimaniya, Iraq. Exciting for me and you. So stay tuned.


Drake Studebake said...

please take the word verification of your comments. what are you afraid of? claire writing about poached eggs?

McCaffray said...

I didn't know about this verification thing...will change immediately dad.

Anonymous said...

Now you'll get lots of fun spam!