Monday, May 19, 2008

Center for Public Integrity

Ties the Institute of Expertology for best organizations out there.

It could also be called the "Center for Calling People Out." I wonder people walk around there giving high fives for who they called out that day? If I worked there, I would introduce that as a way to increase employee morale. When I hopefuly get a job there someday, I will definitely suggest this in the interview.

All of their investigations are great, but I read about this one today in the Peace Corps Magazine, Worldview. (The head of the Center for Public Integrity is a ex Peace Corps volunteer, not surprising, consider Peace Corps volunteers tend to be the coolest, smartest people around.)

Here is the report on the Center's website. It is called "Baghdad Bonanza" and is party of their Windfalls of War series which investigates all that has gone wrong - behind the scenes - of the Iraq War. Through thousands of FOIA requests they have tried to uncover all the money wasted by PSCs and PMCs. (Private Security Companies and Private Military Companies.)

It's a pretty depressing read, especially when read immediately before or after the below article on bringing doughnuts to the Green Zone.)

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