Sunday, May 18, 2008

Doughnut Advocacy

I think this is revolting for so many reasons. But most of all, I am revolted by the time and energy these private contractors apparently to bringing doughnuts to the Green Zone. And I quote: "For the next two weeks, the pair, in Iraq doing construction management, scoured the Internet, called a pastry chef in the United States and flooded friends and family with phone calls in search of the perfect doughnut recipe. With a hot glazed doughnut, they knew they could bring a piece of home here."

As someone who cares about the Middle East, but also values a good break from work, I am still pretty sickened by this. I just can't imagine sitting in the Green Zone, knowing what was going on only a short distance from me, advocating for doughnuts. Craving I can see, for example, there were a lot of things I missed while in the Peace Corps in Morocco, but I did not take time to acutally have them all sent to me.

More than anything, I feel like this shows how out of touch people in the Green Zone are from life in Iraq.

Why not spend this time thinking a pla to bring water or electricity to Iraqis? Health services?

Is there really not enough to keep them busy in Iraq? I guess it's easy to forget about when you live in the Green Zone.

I mean jeez, is Bush gave up golf for the troops, can't you guys sacrifice your favorite morning snack.

Also ALL of our tax dollars are definitely going to pay these guys for the time they spent on their doughnut advocacy program. And let me tell you it's a WHOLE lot more than people making doughnuts here are pulling in.

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