Sunday, March 1, 2009

Article - What Iran's Jews Say

Roger Cohen had a great op ed in the NYTimes on Iran last week.

The article reveals that Iran's rhetoric toward Israel is not at all racist (directed at Jews) but rather political and nationalist (directed at struggle for Palestinain state.) I love the opener of this article, Cohen writes about a sign he saw, "Congratualtions on the 30th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution from the Jewish Community of Esfahan." He also mentions Jews in Iran who protested against the attacks on Gaza. (This article must have really sent Avigidor Lieberman off the deep end.)

Conflicts are so rarely (never really) at their core about religion and ethnicity, but about land and politics and power. Only when people realize this (thanks to Cohen for helping us down this road) will we be able to solve the problems of the region. Blaming suicide attacks on Islam just doesn't pay the bill.

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