Monday, May 25, 2009

America Abroad is No.1 on my s--t list.

I am SO MAD at America Abroad. Grrr.

They had a special on NPR tonight called "Exiting Iraq." Listening to the second part of it (1 and 3 are fine) almost ended with me smashing every radio in my house on the ground. Argh. I am just fuming.

Why? The narrator could not stop saying: "The American led invasion took the cap off, unleashed longstanding, severe deep ethnic and sectarian tensions in Iraq." She said it like ten different ways. It was like she was inside my head, trying push me over the edge. Also, she nearly spoiled my cheeseburger dinner.

This just after, JUST AFTER folks, she had a brilliant historian on from Miami of Ohio U. discussing that sectarian identities in the population were pretty much GONE by the 1940s and 50s, exchanged for an Iraqi identity.

The lack of Sunni Shii divide among the population of Iraq and the ignorant BS American officials who purported it (to take the blame off of themselves, where it really should have been laid) was major impetus for me in starting this blog. Nothing gets to me more than injustice; these lies did a great injustice to the people of Iraq. In fact, one of my first posts on this blog was about the lack of Sunni and Shii identities and divide among the population of Iraq in the past. (Yes Saddam exploited his (pretend) 'Sunni' identity to bolster support, and oppressed the Shii population to do the same. But that was not the people, the population, that was the government.)

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