Monday, May 25, 2009

Newsflash: The NYTimes sharing No. 1 spot on my s--t list with America Abroad. (see below for that story)

The NYTimes and whoever suggested this story should be sent to a maximum security prison, pronto.

Basically the article gives all this evidence that Islam does not play a role in radicalizing inmates, but the title, "Imams Reject Talk That Islam Radicalize Inmates," insinuates the opposite. First, it makes it seem like it is ONLY Imams that also reject the claim. Hmmm, not so says the article which presents studies from DoJ, FBI, social scientists finding that it is not about Islam. There is even one that says that Islam moderates inmates. Also where and from whom is this 'talk' coming? Since when was 'talk' enough evidence for an article?! Jimini Christmas.

Part of that article insinuates kinda sorta though that it does play a role - but with NO evidence! The evidence provided in the article points toward gangs - they are what make prisoners more violent and more radical toward an ideology.

This article makes me cringe like Sabrina Tavernese's article did a few weeks ago. (She blamed Islamic schools in Pakistan for militancy) I posted it on it here, and made a brief revision here. I will say the same here: It's not Islam it is the gang culture and all that goes with it in prisons, with one caveat, which the article includes: "small gang like cliques...use cut-and-paste versions of the Koran." Sure, that could be a problem, just like Christian based gangs in prisons that use violence in the Bible to justify their crimes. (IE: Neo Nazis)

Why the HELL print this article?? (Bc it's easy and provocative to blame Islam for violence.)

I'm giving this one my of big PUH-LEASEs.

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