Sunday, June 21, 2009

Parallel between 1979 and 2009. (Oh and, just for kicks, between Khamenei/ Ahmadinejad and the Republican party in the US.)

I think an interesting parallel exists between the 1979 Revolution and the current situation in Iran.

In 1979, there existed a great distance between the Shah and the Iranian people. By distance, I mean, generally speaking, he was not in touch with the needs of his people. To name just a few, he did not address the needs of the merchants, of the new working class in cities, of the religious parties. (I will elaborate on this more later, I am in a bit of a hurry right now.)

Similarly, today, a great distance exists between Khamenei and the Iranian people, especially those out in the streets. Sure, a bunch of old conservative clerics support him, but they do not represent the people of Iran of today. The represent only a small segment of society. It was so interesting watching a video of Ahmadinejad supporters and the crowd at a Khamenei speech...all religious old Iranian men. (Ok they were a few chicks at Ahmadinejad's rallies.) but little diversity. It kind of reminded me of watching the Republican Party convention last summer.

The Iran of today is diverse, the majority of students are women, just like the majority of protesters are reportedly women; they are currently equal to men in practice but not by law. This is what Iranians are on the streets - their rights - right to have a vote, for women's rights.
(For example, h
ere is the story and words on the revolution of one woman who has a law degree but can't practice.)


Anonymous said...

I love this - it is definitely much like the GOP convention this fall. Nice parallel.

However, the truth is that Ahmedinejad had a lot of support (unlike Palin). He COULD have won, maybe, with 52 or 53 percent of the vote. But the Council so seriously misread the country's mood, and actually rigged it at 63 percent. If they hadn't overreached, Ahmedinejad may have become president without any of the turmoil we're seeing now. Imagine if this were Nov 2008, and we woke up to a McCain Palin win at 63 percent. Imagine. I'd like to think I'd have the courage of the Iranians. - Andrea

McCaffray said...

That is really really really stinkin interesting point to think about - whether Americans would have done the same? Is our democracy stifling us? A la the lead up to the Iraq war? WHy didn't we raise more of a stink?? Shame on us. We need to learn a lesson from these Iranians.