Sunday, June 21, 2009

Successful revolutions always have a friend at the top.

I think a really, really key point here is that in successful revolutions, protestors, the masses, always have a friend at the top. This friend opens the gates to the governing structure, allowing the protestors to access power from within.

The masses seems to have several friends at the top right now in Iran in Ali Larijani, Rafsanjani and Montazeri. The last two names are powerful members of the Assembly of Experts and are reported to be trying to persuade other members of the Assembly top join their reformist team.

Ex reformist president Khatami is also clearly on the side of the protestors.


nowitall said...

Here in the united state we have a similar movement to the Basij. Namely the Neocon movement. the Neocons are similar in they both try to advance their movement thru Religious Ideoligy.The Church is the breeding ground for promoting the movement. the movement has a huge following,here in the usa. the movement tries to build on religous bigotry. they promote hard line views, to attrack extreamist, in the religous realm.A great deal of the people are extreamist. They are not fully aware of this fact.They simply believe that Regious Rule in the Government is Right. They have been lead to accept this as good and Godly. The church is promoting the spirit of Paul more than the spirit of Jesus The Christ. I see the same violence coming to the usa. we must educate the church and the leaders that Religous Rule will never work. I believe that George W. Bush used the Church in the wrong way. I know the Chuch will elude to scripture that we must come to Great division. This may or may not be relevent. But one thing is Very Relevent and that is that we must not ever be lead by religous Rule. It Never Works.It Failed under Bush and it must always stay in its place. Basij is wrong over in Iran and it would be wrong here in the USA.

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